Father of the Pride

Father of the Pride is an American adult animated television series that was broadcasted on NBC on August 31, 2004 and was part of a short-lived trend of CGI series in prime-time network television (after Game Over).

The series, which was produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his company DreamWorks Animation, revolves around a family of white lions, the patriarch of which stars in a Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite heavy promotion, the series was unsuccessful and was cancelled after its first season. Transmission and production were also delayed by the real-life on-stage injury of Roy Horn in October 2003. This is the only DreamWorks Animation series to be aimed for adults. Despite the failure of the series, it has gained a small following.

Since its cancellation in mid 2005, there have been petitions online demanding to bring the series back. It is unknown if these efforts will succeed.